2 Replies to “Upper Room Fellowsip Ministry – Prayer request”

  1. please pray for Imran from SBM to get these projects for the bird work (1) Rulers Court of Dubai (2) Alain & Abu Dhabi Militry base , (3) Arabian Ranches (4) the Abu dhabi Hotel jesus please give give us these projects an we believe that we receive it from u we even thank u before we receive it. even today the meeting he went to we pray that we get this project too thank u jesus, we love u lord church pls keep us in you prayers,

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  2. please jesus we pray for hazel to excel in these exams that u lord u will give her knowledge and wisdom for her to study well u lord u will make every path of hers straight and good give her good memory lord u will be her strength and courage thanking u lord for her teachers will will favour her to go through well I pray that her faith will grow in you as she receives her testimony she will give glory an praise to u . thank u jesus please lord make hr to excel inthese exams.

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